Expert advice on air conditioning maintenance

Yes. Every air conditioner must have an energy efficient rating. Make sure you check the label and opt for a system with the most stars so that you can save money on your electricity bill.

Setting your air conditioner to between 25–27 degrees celsius in summer will avoid increased running costs on your electricity bill.

Yes. Insulating your home reduces running costs and saves you money on your next electricity bill.

Yes, if possible. Installing an air conditioner in a shady spot with plenty of airflow helps to prevent overheating and excessive running costs.

Yes, if you want to lodge a warranty claim in the event of a breakdown. Manufacturers will ask for proof of a technicians licence number, otherwise the warranty will be void.

It’s recommended for a professional service to be conducted every 12 months.

If your A/C unit is too small it won’t keep your home cool. If it is too big for the space it will not remove humidity effectively, costing more to run.

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